7 thoughts on “trading light

  1. aloha Angie – oh. gem.
    gem haiga. gem.
    wow. this is a terrific image.
    i like it a lot.

    and coupled with those first two lines i get a sense of where i think this is going – then snaphupah-yikes strikes.


    and you zap me with that last line.

    suddenly i have to think.

    as well as read.
    and see.
    and watch.
    and then the entire ku as well as image change into that waiting – it’s something else entirely entirely
    – the waiting for the light of the little chestnut moon.

    very cool.
    an entire different realm of cool.
    did i mention i like this a lot?
    humor and fun and wow. all in one. yeah.

    little chestnut moon. beautiful choice. way fun and awesome haiga. yeah. . aloha. and fun on.

    • thanks, rick.

      yeah, I hope that it works, that little zap. I try to keep the haiku and the picture almost as separate things that work together to make the third thing… if that makes sense… like my mind going in a million directions while I’m sitting at the much-too-long traffic light!! 😀


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