7 thoughts on “cattle

  1. aloha Angie – again you’re treatment of the photo is outstanding. dark darks. and white whites with de-saturated color. everything outside of the cattle is de-emphasized – so our focus stays right on the cattle. … cool. every so often i try something like this but i still prefer what you do better than what i do when i attempt it. i have to work on this, because i like what you do with it a lot.

    i’ve always found it interesting the way cattle will often watch us watching them. …while they go right on eating as often as not.

    way fun ku – i like the way we know what you are referring too without saying it “one jumps over the moon”. simple. and then i begin to wonder about the fog… and what is really jumping over the moon. ha. fun. way fun. aloha.

    • oh, I love these cows. I don’t know if you can tell from this pic, but they’re miniature longhorns. that chicken wire is only about 4 feet tall! they come right up to the fence and stare at me, probably because I’m sitting in the middle of the road holding my camera out the passenger side window! I’m sure the one on the end is thinking “good lord. it’s that crazy old woman again…”

      and I must confess — most of the softness in this photo comes from a combination of fog (we have some awesome fog around here) AND my inability to focus the camera!! but I did do some of that tri-x fade thing I mentioned around here somewhere. thanks, rick.

      • wow. yΓΈu know i might of thought long-horn related, but not miniature. now that you point out the fence and i realize how close they are – wow cool. yeah, you know… and i suspect you do… the watch a human because they know humans bring them food. in most cases especially if they are hay or hand fed at times. so you stopping there is like “hey, is this a dinner call? … just checkin’ ” …

        very cool on fog. i like fog photos a lot. i see the clouds in the mountains around here and of course in it that would be fog. click. clikck. click.

        some of the automatic camera focus things can mess up when going through a fence too. it cant decide what it’s really interested in. sometimes i find the auto-focus annoying but it’s helpful at times too. my problem is that i’m often not interested in what the cameras have been set up to do. but to figure each thing out for one shot every time that happens is a challenge because it’s never the same thing two days in a row. sheesh.


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