10 thoughts on “seeds

  1. Thanks, Angie for the link to “Free Haiga” on FB. I didn’t even know it was there. Something to think about when I get a moment or two. Things really got hectic recently.

  2. oh Angie – ha and aloha too. your haiga brings a smile seeping over me. what a spectacular seed dance you have captured. very fun this distinctive regalia and dance you place on display.

    i know i knew this but it comes fresh again to me today (as it does every day i watch your work). i like a lot the way you make a simple ordinary photo sparkle with magic and awe. the extraordinary in the ordinary that we can so easily miss until it is pointed out to us by someone with extraordinary ability – and they say LQQK you have to LQQK and really see this – it is ah-ha amazing. yeah. your work does this repeatedly and in new ways all the time. way cool.

    • thanks, rick!

      I appreciate that so much, that you see what I’m pointing at!😉 not everyone does. my family especially thinks I’m a bit loopy, I think!! but I’ll keep on standing in the rain and stopping in the middle of the road… trying to find the things that are already there. 😀

      • yeah. familÂ¥ are always going to be family – that’s why we think we can probably do your most extreme things around them (i hope). as long as we know what we are doing or trying to do or get at or see – let the others wonder i say. we are all loony and loopy on this planet – so it’s just one looper pointing out another that’s different from the way the pointer is – family included. …imo. ha. loop on.


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