4 thoughts on “feather on the water lily

  1. What a gorgeous image. A friend of mine just sent a marvelous photo of the waterlily pads in a photo that almost looks like a painting…and on one of them is a tiny frog. Your photo is so unusual…. A white feather…must have been an egret????

    • I don’t know — there are mostly mallards and canada geese on that lake, and a great blue heron — so perhaps it’s one of his. although, in years past my dad has captured (on film) a white swan. I didn’t even realize the feather was there until I looked later at the pictures. I was zooming, trying to get the reflection. I made this one into a *haiga*

      thank you, merrill🙂

    • oh, I never know what I’m going to find, esp when I’m taking pictures in the sun. things never quite turn out the way I see them on that little screen! usually, though I get something fun. 🙂


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