3 thoughts on “waiting

  1. Each year I wait to see if my robins will return. Last year I didn’t think they did…till winter I saw their nest high up in my swamp maple. I can’t see this year…too many leaves…I’ll have to wait till winter to see if they came back again! So I’m waiting too…

    • I’ve had an interesting interplay between the birds this year. I have/ had grackles in a pine tree, and two pairs of robins –one in the apple tree and one in a big silver maple–set up in sort of a triangle in the air. squirrels have tried (a few times successfully) to steal eggs, jumping from other trees to my roof then to the nested trees. the birds began to work together — the attacked bird would shout a warning (it was usually the robin in the apple tree) — and the other birds would come to its aid. the robins would chase the squirrel and the grackles would swoop over and help in the defense. one day, they knocked the squirrel completely out of the tree! what a ruckus!! it fell to the ground and my dog chased it across the yard and up onto the fence, but even after that, that squirrel kept trying! but yesterday — I watched a baby robin and a baby cardinal testing their wings, so he didn’t get ALL the eggs, happily. 🙂

      • Between people and critters it’s getting harder and harder for the birds… It’s such a joy to see the young ones make it. 🙂


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