3 thoughts on “little green apples

  1. This reminds me of friends who planted a Granny Smith apple tree… For the life of my I can’t figure out why…. there are so many new cultivars of some really great apples….

    I’m wondering if these fell off the tree and rescued from the ground for a great photo????

    • they were probably picked — I don’t remember! that is/ was an apple picking bowl.

      this is another old picture, from july 2010. they are golden delicious; that was a good year, and early as I remember. we have to pick and eat before the critters get to them, esp if they’re good. this year, I don’t expect good apples. they’ve already started dropping (that ominous ‘thunk!’ when I’m sitting on the porch and the dogs look at me like “can I eat it can I eat it huh?”

  2. New York State Extension Service had several wonderful apple cultivars. We had selected Liberty since it required minimal spraying. It was sooooo good… but we had to leave there so we never got to enjoy them much. I think Empire is also one that requires less spraying.
    I know what you mean by good and bad years. I think this spring must have been very hard on a lot of trees. I understand the maple syrup harvest is spotty this year too.


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