4 thoughts on “blueberry blossoms

  1. My photos of the blueberry blossoms always come out of focus since my camera wants to focus on the leaves behind the blossoms. It’s always a bit of a miracle to me when I see them come. My blossoms are more round than this photo. In anticipation of something delicious!

    • somehow this got spammed — just found it!

      that’s my biggest problem too, esp with my little fuji finepix. I wish I knew enough about all the technical aspects of the camera so I could adjust things myself — but sometimes I get lucky and it focuses where I want it to!

      I have a month til school’s out — maybe this (learning how to use the camera properly!) will be my summer project.😉

      • Hi, Angie, I just enjoy what I get… but those blossoms were frustrating. What kind of blueberries are yours with such pointed blossoms? They look huge!

        • oh, you ask the hard questions! I don’t know — I bought the bush at a roadside stand last year. I have no idea what type it is. the blueberries (like my apples) usually feed the critters before me, but I’ll try to keep my eye out for some fruit!🙂


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